MD Alam: Human Race is Under Attack, a great conversation between MD Alam and Dexter Augustus Mae on Face Book. Topics: Million Muslim March on 9/11/13 in Washington DC. 1st July 2013.

Posted by MD Rabbi Alam on July 1, 2013 at 6:00 AM

MD Alam: Human Race is Under Attack, a great conversation between MD Alam ( and Dexter Augustus Mae (!/dexter.a.mae) on Face Book. Topics: Million Muslim March on 9/11/13 in Washington DC. 1st July 2013.

[Conversation took place on June 18, 2013]

MD Alam: Dexter Augustus Mae - Why don’t you call me @ 202-618-0048? I want to ask you few more questions to you.

June 18 at 2:35pm • Like


Dexter Augustus Mae: want to talk to me? I shall contemplate the offer, although I do not understand why...out of all the other Patriots that have posted here you wish to single me out? You will not find an sympathetic ear with me I assure you. This march you are planning is disrespectful, and you try to do it under the banner of "fear"...Americans view this date as a date of mourning, and what you are doing tramples on the lives lost that day. But as I said I may call you, out of curiosity if nothing else.

June 18 at 2:59pm

Dexter Augustus Mae: Instead of marching to demand people stop speaking truthfully about your “religion”, June 18 at 2:13pm

o MD Alam: Dear Deaxter, where and when you saw at our AMPAC (American Muslim Political Action Committee) we are speaking about our Religion Islam? First of all dude, you are wrong, AMPAC is a Political Movement and sorry it is not a religion platform. We are not here to have a religious debate, indeed we are here to continue a political debate, if you believe you can carry a real political conversation and or debate, by all means you are welcome at anytime.


o Dexter August Mae: why don’t you march one million strong denouncing Islamic terror attacks against innocent citizens?


o MD Alam: Of course that is a great question and I am agreed with you 300% that we must March and strongly denouncing the Terror Attack, but your question does not make any sense of “Islamic Terror Attack”. There is no such thing called Islamic Terror Attack. May be a person or any groups who have Islam as their faith, has nothing to do with Islamic Terror. Man, look, If a Christian or Jewish conduct a Terror Attack would we called it as Christian Terror or Jewish Terror? NO, Of Course not. A group or person never represent a whole religion, then tell me when a Priest committed a sexual assault dose that represent that whole faith group is assaulting or it is just that so called corrupted priest fault only? Or a Pope when he is getting on a sex scandal or sexual abuse does that makes the whole religious group’s fault? If not then, when an idiot individual who may call himself as a Muslim, like that corrupted Priest or corrupted Pope, that should not make the whole religion’s fault. Don’t you understand this logic or why don’t you get it? Are you an Idiot? I am sorry, there are millions of you out there who doesn’t get it. And they all are may be idiots or must be ignorant.


o Dexter August Mae: Why don’t you denounce the 109 verses in the holy writings of your Koran that dictate hate, murder, and violence against all human beings who refuse to submit or convert to your murderous religion led by a prophet who is a documented pedophile and mass murderer?


o MD Alam: Look at you, what disgusted me when I told you earlier that AMPAC is here for a Political cause and it is a political platform, yet you brought nonsense idiotic stupid topics right in it. Don’t you get this you idiot? We are talking about Million Muslim March for the Solidarity of Humanity to establish Peace, Harmony and Justice through a Civil Right Movement and now you are bringing my Islamic Bible – the Quran and it’s verses. You stupid you don’t have knowledge about your own religion and you are talking about other’s religion.


o MD Alam: Despite the fact that you do not know what in the Quran, however, there is no such thing in the Quran that teaches hate, murder or violence, You believe it or not, it’s up to you, despite the fact that some stereo-typed Anti-Islamic and Islam-Phobic special groups fabricated and propagated against Islam, Islam is a Religion of Peace and it teaches Love, Respect and Dignity and it ordain you and refrain you from wrong doing. Many idiots out there who just love to speak nonsense and don’t even know what the heck they are talking about.


o MD Alam: Now, let me tell you something, I personally feel very sorry for you as because you are bringing my prophet in the conversation and in a very wrong way. You are telling me what or not documented about my Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him) [prophet who is a documented pedophile and mass murderer]. This is complete wrong, My Prophet was called “Al-Amin – the Truthful one” he was the one who brought blessing in Mecca during the dark age and now you are today, even irrelevantly, in a political march you are simply bringing this stupid question from your sick stupid mind. What iis wrong with you people? When MD Alam and his group AMPAC – American Muslim Political Action Committee is Marching against Fear and Marching for Humanity, all of you here spreading hates and stereotyping despite the facts. Once again, there are so many religious groups and so many modern Islamic scholars like – doctors and professors (from American University) go ahead debate them. As I am not an Islamic Scholar and I am really not sure what Verse from the Quran you are talking about, can you please be more specific and then we both can do the research about what you just said about 109 verses from the Quran.


o MD Alam: My prophet was not a the one who is truly a pedophile and was not a mass murderer, may be documented pedophile and mass murderer by those even who mis-documented the Bible and destroyed actual bible. I am sorry my friend. I am not here for this religion perfection, yet, let’s move on and let us speak about the March.


o Dexter: Why don’t you call a national press conference to proclaim to Muslims worldwide that murder, torture, and destruction of buildings and property belonging to other religious groups in the name of Islam is WRONG and does not represent your religion?


o MD Alam: That is correct Dexter, nice on this one, Yes, I can call a National Press Conference to proclaim to Muslims worldwide that Murder, Torture and Destruction of Buildings and Property belonging to other religion groups in the name of Islam is WRONG and that does not represent my religion. I am fully agreed with you on this one buddy. However, those who are doing it once again they do not represent my religion. Religion is a complete separate unique entity and neither any individual nor any group represents Islam. Islam itself represented by the Holly Quran and the Quran is the Bible and take the Quran as what is Islam. Do not take as what is John Doe is saying and doing by the name of Islam. Islam has nothing to do what is represented by Fricken John Doe (i.e – Stupid Saddam of Iraq, Idiot Bin Laden of Saudi, Tyron Gaddaffi of Lybia, Un-Just Ruler Mubarak of Egypt, Assad of Syria, and members of Al-Qayada). This people do not represent Islam at all. This special group is a shame for humanity; they all killed Millions of men and women regardless of their religion. In facts, they all are for money and power like Bush and Blair. So do not mix Apple and Orange please. Try to learn how to respect other people religion. It’s not me and us here to talk about your religion. Of course not. I really do not care but I pray for the best of the Humanity and I would expect that you do not talk about my religion in a negative way, because AMPAC and Million Muslim March is not here in USA to establish Islam, yet we are here to establish Muslim Americans Political rights as like every other American Citizen. Period. Do you understand? And I do care about my fellow American citizens and I do have respect for every religions and that is a direct order in the Quran to respect other’s religion. (If you want I can give you reference – in future)



o Dexter: Why don’t you vow to stop participating in zakat in your mosques until your imams stop funneling that money to fund terror? Your decision to tithe a portion of your income through zakat, which our government has proven, is funding Islamic terror, MAKES YOU A FINANCIER AND THEREFORE, ENABLER OF TERRORISM.


o MD Alam: Dexter, you do not know the TRUTH. I see you have a valid point and I do have the same valid point as well. Yes, it is a good question but the Zakat money never ever used for funding terror. This is bull shit. Bull shit false flag and many other interest group and anti- Islamic group and Islam-Phobic group all propagated and plotted all this fabricated terrorist group and their fairy fund. Look, I have been conducting my own research against this Terror Fund since 2001, no luck I failed to find even one incident. So do not hold some Mythical fairy shit of propaganda against Islam and Zakat and if you really want to know more about it why don’t you grab your own research and see what you will find.


o MD Alam: I have fully respect of our government and Government System, however, there are some people working in our government once again, it’s some individuals (like those John Doe compare to those in the previous answer) and they do not represent our government at all, are corrupted and are simply anti-Muslim. I am sorry for them and simply they are influenced by third party not by our government. Let me give an irrelevant example: New York State Governor was involved in Sex Scandal with Prostitute and he was fired same as Kansas State Attorney General had the same reason to be fired. See, it proves that nothing wrong with our government system, it is simply individuals, and these individuals do not really represent the Government, still they all are responsible for their own actions only. Another irrelevant example: there are so many propagandas against Muslims in USA by media and by Islam-Phobic group, yet every single month in the U.S.A many Muslims are getting their Citizenship through Naturalization process and honestly I am so much convinced about our Government and Government System. In this example, if the INS Employee is a Racist may be he or she will treat Muslim in different way, and that individual definitely does not represent our Government as like Eliot Spitzer prostitution ( scandal or Paul J. Morrison ( So, Hear me clearly, when I talk about individual I do not mix them with our Government System in no shape or in no manner.


o MD Alam: Now, do not give me wrong, in some special case, there are some individual who may have interest or third party influence and if they come and they do wrong against any group I do like to do a whistle Blower job and I am ready for it and trust me I served in the Military and I have seen that enough to speak about some wrong doing of our government employee not our Government.


o MD Alam: So, Dexter, either you beleive me or not, either you take this serious example or not, I am telling you that Zakat what you just said is nothing but a fairy tales and plotted case only.


o Dexter: Your silence regarding all of the above,….combined with the fact that you:

have murdered 270 million people in the 1400 year history of islam.


o MD Alam: May be I should learn some Islamic History, which I never heard and I don’t even know where are you getting this 270 Million people? I beleive it may be more, did you add all those people that Saddam Hussein’s relatives including his own Son in law, nephew, brothers? Did you add all hose Muslims that are being killed by Hafiz Al-Assad in Syria?


o MD Alam: It is so funny that you are questioning and telling me that I did kill and murdered those 270 Million people. Just look back your question. You are nothing but a freak. Let’s say your question is technically correct, if it is correct, and then let me ask you few questions, ready? Remember, those Priest and Popes? If and when they sexually assault and sexually abuse kids, teen agers and or adults or sexually harassed – can I say that you are doing it and you are responsible for it? When Rapping, Kidnapping, Abducting, Shooting & Killing, Drug Dealing, Teen Prostitution, Robbery, Violence and you name it........happening in America and, maybe it is done by either a Jewish, or a Christian or an Atheist or even by an LGBT Member does that automatically makes that faith group or special group or non-faith group responsible or it is only the one who is committing this evil and satanic acts? The media and no one is talking about it and not labeling as a group, yet you already labeled and generalized it. It’s so deadly wrong. You guys are drunk and drug addicted and do not see the truth only depends on the corporate Media and special Televised Propagandas.


o Dexter: Committed over 19 thousand deadly terror attacks since 911….


o MD Alam: I am not sure about it and I need to do some basic research, however, you are mixing two separate things together. Terror Attack and 9/11. Let me tell you where did you get this number 19K and I have different positions on 9/11 so we are not going to agree on this with each other. I just want to ask you a very serious question: How much do you know about Building # 7? Can you please tell me about Building 7? Just do you understand that Black Box of Plane was destroyed yet our report shows that they found “PASSPORTS” I wondered what is that passports made of? As a Veteran of Iraq War and I have lost few of my friends on 9/11, I am sorry for those 3K individuals who lost their lives and those families who lost their loved ones, still it does not add up to my educated mind that how the CNN News reported building 7 was collapsed, yet still it was standing tall and looking good? The last question about 9/11: How and where in the world you heard that 2 Planes Destroyed 3 Buildings? And can you please name the 3rd building besides twin towers?


o Dexter: Insist that Constitutional law be replaced by Sharia law,


o MD Alam: Who told you about Sharia Law? How much do you really know about Sharia Law?


• MD Alam: Sharia is an Arabic term for Law. Sharia Law is doubled there as law. Let me ask you a question….What is the translation of Law in German (Gesetz), Russian (Закон), Spanish (Ley), Arabic (Sharia) and Bangla (আইন)? Do you see as because the Law is represented differently in different languages so it is very natural without knowing the term to be scared and be idiotic about the law itself? Isn’t it?

• MD Alam: Sharia is the Arabic translation for Law. So I get simply mad when someone idiots come and start talking about Saria and started calling it Saria law.

• MD Alam: Look, Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Hindu, Buddha, Sikh, Catholic, Baptist, Mormon, Protestant, Gay, Lesbian, Homosexual, Atheist, non- religious, extremist – religious all makes this country and we all are Americans. If you have problem with this statement then I don’t wish to have any more conversation with you. One nation with many colors, many languages, many religions (freedom of religion) mainly (it was in the constitution – a Christian Nation) don’t care about who you are. So why all of you here differentiating between Americans and Muslims?

• MD Alam: This is what I believe, not all Americans should be Muslims, and not all Muslims (in the world) should be Americans, however, All Muslims in America should be American. Similarly, not all Christians (in the world) should be American, but all Christians in American should be American and so on. Correct me if I am wrong. Hence, here you are denouncing and don’t want to think that “Muslims here in USA as Americans” that is wrong. Not only wrong big time very wrong.

• MD Alam: Every country has a system either good or bad. Here in U.S.A we have a system too. The system is equal for all. I have no problem with the system, yet I am having problem with many ignorant and idiot. Actually it is not my problem, it is the problem of our media system. You right Muslims rights were not taken away, but tell me how many even Sikh were killed after 9/11 as because they have beard and they wear turban? Did you know that many were killed at the brought day light? Did you know that many people were send to Guantanamo even without any due process and they all were Muslims Americans?


o MD Alam: Dexter, you are wrong, very wrong, we are not here to do anything with Sharia. I am not even going to call it as “Sharia Law”. Because that is a stupid thought and there is not a single prove of the Sharia Law in our court system. And FYI (You dumb) Sharia is a way of life for Believers (According to the Quran). How to lead life – a sets of moral responsibilities. Dude, constitution is our American way of Life and it has nothing to do with contradiction or replacement with Sharia. You stupid do some research do not be a silly one to be laughed at. Okey?


o Dexter: You have have 35 islamic terror training camps on American soil.


o MD Alam: WHO CARES? What that to do with AMPAC Million Muslim March and I really do not care and I do not have any tickle about it. If that is true then Government needs to shut that down. No civilized people allow “Terror Training” Nether me Nor AMPAC”. We all need to address that if so. I am with you and let me know what can I do to help you on that eliminating those activities if it is really existed. And I would totally leave that on our Government. Terror Training Camps are no good for Humanity regardless it is on American soil or non-American soil.


o Dexter: Your religion, through something called “taqiyya” supports your right to lie in order to advance your religion


o MD Alam: Dude, I don’t really know what is Taqiyya. I will do some research on it. I do not speak Arabic or it is not my Mother Tongue, and clearly, I really have no clue what are you talking about. But I know something in the Quran which teaches you that “In case of extreme situation, if one lie save a life then you may do it, but it has to be justified, remember, Lie is a great sin and it is not permitted in Islam except and only and only when lie saves a life. I never ever heard in my whole life as a Muslim such thing that gives you the right to lie to advance the Religion. Completely, wrong concept, sorry, but I am observing that you have some word knowledge through Propagandas not the actual true knowledge. Seriously dude......let me tell you a story about the danger of some words terms of different language without meaning. [Story: One guy from Bangladesh and he does not speak English at all and he only know four English Words – 1. Yes, 2. No, 3. Very Good.]. This guy even does not know what does Yes, No, Very Good meaning either. But he just knows the words itself. In the story, there is an American Police man, Now, the Police he stopped that Bangladeshi guy and asking his some questions. So the Bangladeshi Guy feels very proud of himself that the Police is talking to him, so he wanted to speak English to the Police. Unfortunate, he just knows those four words: Yes, No, Very Good.

o Now the Police asked him: Did you Slapped on the President Face? He replied, Yes and he was so proud he thought he is smart that he is talking to the police, but he has no idea what the police is talking about. Now the Police tells him: If you want I can let you be free and you can get your citizenship. So now the man has to answer something, he knows the second word .....he just replied no. Then the police was very surprised and looked at him and tells him “Then you are under arrest I am talking you to Jail. The man was so happy, and he started laughing and shaking his hand with the police and telling him his last two words....”VERY GOOD”.....the police did not know what to do, after the fact the police found that this guy just came to USA yesterday and he has no idea what the police was talking about. ] Dude....what are you learning from this jokes or tales? Do not mess with something which you do not know, find your own way to research before even you say something. So my suggestion to Millions of my fellow Americans I am not here to mis-informed you, however, do your own homework and research before you fall in trap like that Bangladeshi guy who only knew four English Words and did used it with the police officer. Please be justified don’t be a victim of dis-information.


o Dexter: push eliminate our 1st Amendment by making negative speech about your religion a crime in this country ( the reason you want this speech stopped is because it is truth substantiated by your own Koran and record throughout history)


o MD Alam: Who is eliminating our 1st Amendment? When I said our 1st Amendment you know it’s includes me and rest of 7 Million Americans. Don’t you understand this? We are not here to eliminate the freedom of speech. We are here to practice our freedom of speech. Don’t you realized that it’s protects my freedom of rights as well? What is your problem dude? Seriously, you are mixing apple with orange. In the first place who give you authority to speak negative about someone else religions? Who is telling you to negative speech about my religion? Why don’t you mind your own business? I understand that 1st Amendment give you the right to speak bad about GOD, SON of GOD, Ibrahim, David, Moses, Jesus and Muhammed, however, why would you speak negative about others’ faith? Can you show me one Muslim....I mean it, 1 single Muslim who may have talked/spoken negative or against any one or any entity including GOD, Virgin Marry, Jesus, Ibrahim, David, Moses and Muhammed? It is the best character of a good Muslim like me (MD Rabbi Alam) that even with the power of 1st Amendment of our constitutional rights we will never ever be speaking any negativity of those entity, indeed, we may talk about the commonality and the differences in a civilized manner. Why would a gentle and a civilized person would act like uncivilized and would at first place talk bad against other people’s faith?


o MD Alam: Dexter, I do not care what do you think about Islam, Dude, I can tell you it’s a solid religion of Peace and Love and practice and worshiping to go closer to God....(in my reference...God the Father), I am sorry we do not beleive in Son – and Father relationship as conjunction to Christianity, but that does not nullify the best of Jesus and the God and that does not ignore the miracle of Jesus and his teaching of truth and Religion. AS a Muslim I beleive we are more Christian than Million of Existed Christian. We as Muslim fully beleive in Jesus as he is also our Prophet and the Quran has the best chapter for him and the Quran proudly announced that “Jesus and his Mother Virgin Mary and their family is the best of all” and As Quran teaches us that we cannot be a true believes until we beleive on all the prophets. PERIOD. You can keep your negativity about Islam it’s your call but if you do read the meaning of Quran and with an open mind you will find the difference what you know about now and what is the reality and facts. If you want you can hear from YouTube and it’s all free. DUDE, DO NOT DEPENDS ON FOX.




o MD Alam: I do not care about who is supporting Islam or not. Islam is the truth and Peace. When someone looks for the Truth and peace he or she will find it easily. Listen, it is harder to wake-up a person who is pretending to be sleeping than a real sleeping person. I hope you understand, as because the person who is pretending, he will not respond but who is in deep real sleeping mode, you try to wake him/her up, he or she will be wake up soon. Dude, Americans are too much depending on FOX buddy. BTW, I did not understand you, the first part of your question. What do you mean by “Why do you have a Public a Relation issue?” We do not have any public relation issue. Once is all because of FOXXXXXXXXESSSS NEWSSSSSSSSS.




o MD Alam: Dexter, now I am really confused. I understand that so many Americans do not support Muslims, I get it, because of FOX, however, many Muslim Americans around 7 Millions, oh, by the way, do you think all 7 Million live in one place or they have neighbors? Dude, get out of your home, turn that FOX NEWS off and walk to a neighborhood where you may find some Muslims and go ahead ask those neighbors, they will be able to give you real news and message about Muslim Americans not Damn FOX NEWS. I beleive Islam in America is not a PROBLEM, except FOX. Listen, Dexter, and exactly you right, there are so many of you just like you who watches to much FOX but do not walk around in the neighborhoods and do not find out about real character of Muslim Americans and that is the problem and they pro-claimed themselves as racist and let me tell you “Racism is a Hate-Born of Ignorance and nothing is more sad and pathetic than an Ignorant Man”


o MD Alam: USA is my country and our country as well. We all are immigrated here, someone came 300 years ago and may be someone came 3 years ago. After 100 years the one who came 3 years ago, it would be 103 years for him, don’t you got it all idiots? And be honest with you, it does not matter who wants what. It’s all the matter who will survive. I am sure Islam and Muslim will surely survive with dignity because of their honesty, loyalty and hardworking and following the 10 commandments of Old Testament and remember Muslim and Islam is nothing but the Modern Jewish or Modern Christianity. It’s all about respect to Creator and we do not worship and pray to Muhammed our Prophet. We all pray to the Creator GOD and through and by following the 10 Commandments we will be saved. Don’t you see that our western world is doing all anti-Christ activities including Homo-sexuality, Fornication, Adultery and what not? Muslims are protected through the teach of the Quran and I am surely believing that Muslim Race (Religion of Peace and Justice) will bring the prosperity for this world and Muslim will join Jesus when he come back to fight the evil and devil what is existed today and I am sorry irrelevant comment: If in next 200 years the LGBT Community become 50% of the Population, guess what? The Human Race will be in challenged like the Dinosaurs...and we will be destroyed because who Gays and Lesbians cannot make a baby and they will actually be the one of the main factor of destruction of human race. And guess what Jesus brought those 10 Commandments and up to day July 1, 2013 how many of us really following those 10 Commandments?

• Suggestions: “Don’t worry about the Muslims and Islam, worry about yourself and see where you fall and see how we can be prosperous for this world, the Human Race is under attack by Satan and we all need to be united and fight that Satan together as a Humanity” – MD Rabbi Alam, Candidate, United States Senate, 2016. July 1, 2013, Kansas City, Missouri, USA.


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Reply John Carroll
7:15 AM on August 19, 2013 
Your members would have to absolutely crazy to take part in this and I am certain that you know this. There are millions of Americans who want to take part in a counter march if it's held on that day. I would be very surprised if MD Alam leads this march.